Pakistani Mehndi Designs: Every style of mehndi has its unique detailing and complexity of designs. In that way, Pakistani mehndi designs are known for its uniqueness. These designs are very intricate and classy. These mehndi designs are applied for all kind of functions in Pakistan as well as India. It is being followed everywhere because of its uniqueness in its design and the way of applying. It has attracted many people over ages and is still observed in many regions. This style of Mehndi Designs is different from any other style of mehndi in the way that most of other styles have the natural and traditional leaf, floral and flower designs. Have a look at these impressive and stunning Pakistani mehndi designs images.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs Images for Hand

Pakistani mehndi designs are so intricate and elegant such that it looks charming and fashionable in your hands. Here is the collection of Pakistani mehndi designs images which would help you to choose a stylish one according to your occasion.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs Images for Foot

Nowadays, mehndi is applied not only to hands and foot but also in arms and waist. Some mehndi designs are more like a tattoo. These Pakistani mehndi designs images help you to find the right choice of design for your foot. Have a look at these elegant collections.

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